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The Glenbrook Vintage Railway is currently CLOSED to the public. We are currently undertaking essential maintenance on our locomotives, carriages, and track. We will re-open in September, so please check out our Facebook page and Website for updates.

Thanks to over 600 generous donors, we have raised over $80,000 to support us through the immediate effects of COVID-19.

With your support we will reopen again in September, and we are planning exciting new tours, experiences, and events.

With our re-opening planned for September, we are deep into our essential maintenance programme. This includes inspecting and repairing our carriages, our annual maintenance and certification of steam locomotive WW 480, and some heavy track replacement and repairs.

Your generous donations have bought us time, and with us gearing up to re-open again in September, we still need your support.

Please donate and help support our recovery and our future!

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